and will get a term in the penitentiary. He is a son of Senator Allen and has just gone from bad to worse. I don't think he is over 28 or 26 but nice is stamped on his face and I don't think his fatter will attempt to save him. A person gets a good opportunity, to study human nature and also find out what a man really is up here. The postmaster up here is getting to gamble quite a good deal. He is a good friend of ours and I hate to see him doing this. Don't let anyone see this for I would not like it to get out. He holds a pretty responsible government position and handles lots of money. No more mail has arrived yet but we expect it every day. I have heard nothing from brother but judge he is all right. The mail closer today at 4 o'clock and I want to get this in if possible. Don't know whether I can get over to the post office.