Camp. Graces Church Near Fredricksburg

March The 15th, 1863

Dear Sister

Your kind favor reacht me after days ago. The date of it was February the 24th. Its pages was purused carefully and its contents red with the gratest degree of pleasure. I was truly happy to be informd that you was all well but sorry to hear of so many deths since I left thare, but this need not alarm us, it is the lords will that those shood be moved from this world of truble to parts unnone to us, but let them be as they may I do not think that there trubles can be any grater in the world to cum than they are in the presant one, whi shood I use the word truble, that is a word that a solgier never thinks of for thare is one truble after another heapt upon his mind til he has becum so accustom to it he never thinks but what evry thing is all right. I am all moste pur swaded to believe that solgers are seeing all not accountable for there deeds hear after; for if they have to endure all the trubles triles and tribulations of this unjust war and then be punisht in the world to cum wo be un to them in the day of there reserection, I have no muse that will afford you any [illegible] intereste you, I am enjoying very good health at this time I think better than it has bin since I have bin in the servis, I havent bin sick a day since I left the valley. Evry thing is quiett hear in regard to fiting tho sum of our cammanding officers pretend to say that wee will have a fight hear be fore three weeks but that is only a suposition of thers and they are as liable to be deceivd as any of us I hear that old of Hooker has several regments of darkes