in his army I do hop to God that they may shoe themselves in the next battle if they do I am confident that there will be nun that will escape without they do it by fast runing Our pursition is strong hear and all of Yankedom cannot drive us from the point, the Yankes no it and I think they will attempt to go through at sum other point That is enough of that subj I am proud to learn that the spirit of Marying still survives in the old flat woods and his vicinity I am in hopes that this spiri may be kept up til each and every one that is single may mary especialy the old maids and the widows and widowers I am alittle two fast I faild to keep one in reserve for my self when I cum home on furlough or after peace if not be fore I am in hopes that I will git a furlow next winter, if peace is not made before, and if I shood be so fortionett [sic] as to ever git back I will never leave single again provided she will say yes you stated in your letter that I was all ways two slow, and that I had lost all my [strikeout: sweet] old sweet harts through negligence, I am of the opinion that [inserted: the] rite one had not cum along yet tho I think if I was only back thare I cood find [strikeout: one find] the rite one pretty soon That is if she wood think that I was the one for hir, tell Dorcas to do all she can for mee, and if she gains the victory, that she shal be rewarded liberaly for hir services I am very anxious to no what progress she has made and if the prospect is flattering, that I will make sum movs my self so soon as I find out that there is any hopes of success I am surprised to hear of the old widows's cuming to the flat woods to mary, and you and Darcas not ketching sum of them, why did not you or Darcus send for old davy when he was defeated by the widow and tell him that there was as good fish in the sea as ever there was ever caught out of it. One of you had better take him for you will never do any better, for if you wait for a young one you will shurly be disappointed Be sure that you never let a chance go it may be as you said about me two slow, if you give advise you had ought to take it Just send for old D and I no he can be sooted if neither you nor Darcus will do I am sure that aunt Rachel or mother will fill the bill, delay no time in sending for him as he is giting old and he might die and then you wood loose all the property, if he was to die after marrage it woodent make any difference for you cood soon mary again You stated that the widow was maried to H if you chance to see hir congratulate hir for mee and give my best wishes and kindes regards and tell hir that I shal ever recolect hir for not asking me to hir weding according to promises You stated in aletter sum time go that you and Darcus had the exquisit pleasure of wating on Poly and uncle lema but never stated who was your partners. Hear after when you write to mee I want you to give me all the nuse and fill out that extra sheet of paper that you all ways send me blank, I am happy to inform you that I can furnish my one paper as it only costfour dollars a quine, and they are paying of the Regment to day if it is sunday, write after and fill all the extras with more It has snowd three days this week and is now sleeting thogh the snow was very light to what they have bin hear to bore, it has bin freezing cold ever since March set in and the blusteryest time I ever witnest I have no recolection of ever seeing su[strikeout t]ch atime Thare is one thin to day that is remarkably strange or at leastest was bero to you that is , it is sleetin and the ground will soon be covered and it is thundering a hevy as I ever hir it in the summer

[written upside down in the top margin: You must excuse my eregular and badly composed letter as I have no nuse to write Times are hard hear and reshions are scant, as for clothing I have plenty as yet with the exception of socks and you needent mind about them for I can send to Richmond and git them Yours truly J. M. Tate