Well Ma I witness the awfulls sene[scene] this day was one week a go that my eyes ever beheld, that was seeing a man shot for desiration [desertion], that morning at eleven O clock, the division was marched out one mile from our camp formed three parts of a square, soon after the criminal was marched with in the square by twelve men with muskets, the officer led the criminal to a stake that had bin [sic] prepared for the purpose [inserted: the] Chaplin acompained the young man to the stake knelt in prayer then after rising to there feet the officer stept [sic] forward and the yong man knelt down with his back to the stake and his hand made fast to the stake then was blind folded the comand was give to fire, the yong man departed without a strenger pleading to all mita God to have mirsey on him, he profest religion afew days previous to his execution I wood advise all solgers to stay with there comands and never desire for the deth of a desirter is an awfull one and none more that the the [sic] disgrace that is attached to it is enought to