Camp 3rd Lower [Battery] Little Rock May 25th 1864

Dear Brother I seat myself to write a few lines to you hoping they may [inserted: illegible] your [inspiring] good health as they leave [illegible sentence]. Well Samuel here we are back in Little Rock once more on our old Stomping ground, we are encamped in the [illegible] ground a very nice Company [illegible] but how long we shall keep it is more than we can tell, we have not got any horses, or [Guns] so we dont have a great deal to do only Drill on foot two hours in a day. [later] it all sound we are having very easy routines for soldiers. we are expecting our Horses and Guns every day when then we shall have [__erty] of work. But then we have got a full Company of men that is what we near had before. We have fifty or sixty recruits, so that when we get our [Battery] we shall be in good condition for service, they have been expecting an attack here for the last month and have got [the] place well fortified. But

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