Dear Brother,

I wrote to you about six weeks ago, but not hearing anything from it, I _____ myself this afternoon to write you a few times again, hoping this may find you and Sarah well as they leave me at present, with _____ explanation of being a little tired. I have been out foraging this forenoon, having rode some twenty odd miles_____ back. I felt a little lonesome with all the rest, so I thought I would let ____ in the ______ this way until supper ____. We had considerable _______ here last week. We were expecting an attack on this place by General Prier and ______, it was reported they were marching on this place with a ____ of thirty thousand, which would have ______ us a pretty good fright if they had come, as wecould not have mustered over 11,000______ _____ all later at chat ______, but then we have good fortifications and plety of artillery. We could have ______ them a long hard fight, but