Julia: or, ADVENTURES of a CURATE'S DAUGHTER. [Continued from our last.]

THIS very extraordinary advertisement is copied verbatim et literatim from the real paper, which i have now in my possession. Julia listened to it with attention, and confessed her feelings in her eyes, which glistened with expectation. Not contented with an aural information, she snatched the paper, and devoured the precious morsel with her own eyes. In short, the simplicity of the thing spoke for itself, and Joe it was most undoubtedly.

But it may be necessary to explain this affair. I again summon the memory of my readers back to that time of hour history, when Joe and Julia unluckily parted in Holborn. Joe did not look for her till the couch stopt in the Inn yard, and then lie waited at the door of it for her appearance. He thought her long in coming, but his patience was not exhausted. The rest of the company had been out of the couch some minutes. At the length he ventured to thrust in his head—