but she was not there! He starred back on his heel, and gazed widely round the yard, <text loss>. Opposite to him he saw the door of a public room open, and he rushed in without ceremony: From thence he failed into the kitchen, strode into the parlor, threw his eye into the bar, and peeped into the larder. Wouns! he looks furious, and he is almost breathless! He marched into the stables and in short into every place where he saw a door open to receive him—but all would not do: She was not to be found. He retured [sic] to the coach, took one peep more into it, but all was solitary! "God bless my heart (said Joe to himself, fidgeting, and scratching among his auburn hair) protest and save me from all temptation and evil spirits! I wish I could see Miss Julia again." Now, at last, he bethought him of what he ought to have done at first, viz. to question the coachman concerning the affair, and the coachman informed him of the whole truth.