No, Sir, (said Joe)—not with all of them. "Why then—come hither—your ear a moment)—I have the honor to be Lord C—'s porter; and my master has ordered me—that is, I and my master have agreed—to receive no letter here, unless the bearer gives me a crown.—However as you and your mistress are strangers, and I am a man of honor, I'll be more merciful to you, and so content to take only half a crown—But mum—fly—not a word for your life—for if my master was to hear I take so little, he'd turn me out of my place." Sure I am, master, (answered Joe) we are both very much obliged to you for being so kind,—But then what good can you do us, if so be that my Lord an't home? "Pshaw, man! (said the porter) run after your mistress and bring the money, and I'll satisfy you about that."