He drew out his last half crown, and gave it. He then ran after Julia, and as he went he murmured to himself—"I cod tho," wern't [sic] that a Lord's house, it looks hugely like bribery and corruption." Our two travelers now returned, and were received by the porter with a more gracious complaisance. He now informed them, that, tho' his Lordship was out of town, he was only at his villa, and would certainly return to town to dinner: but that if they were in a hurry, young my Lord was at home, and that he had leave to open his father's letters in his absence. Julia delivered her pacquet to the porter, and they were ordered to walk into the Anti chamber. The letters were sent up to the noble youth in Iris dressing room. He opened it, and on reading the following paragraph, "I have presumed, my Lord, to send my DAUGHTER as the bearer of this petition," etc. On reading this, he rung his bell with great haste, and enquired if the bearer was below? Being informed that she was, he flew