The hair of Julia was dishevelled, and a handkerchief was drawn close over her mouth, which prevented her cries. Her cloak and handkerchief lay upon the floor, and the arms of her ravisher were twined closely around her. A shoe had dropt from her foot, and many of the pins had quitted her bosom.—Unfortunate girl! doomed continually to be the prey of cowards and scoundrels! The noble youth quitted his hold when the chaplain appeared, and, advancing to him, exclaimed in a threatening tone, "How dare you, Sir, force your impertinence upon me in my own dressing-room?" [To be continued.] For the Weekly Museum. To the Public. A Gentleman whose principles have been formed upon the Chesterfieldian system of politeness, lamenting the corrupt state of manners in this city; humbly begs leave to offer himself to his fellow citizens, as the criterian by which they may be guided upon this important subject—Assuring them, at the same time, that he is directed to this laudible undertaking, not from any motive of pecuniary compensation, but from the affection he bears them, and the regard he has for

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