After having thus heroically exposed myself to the severeties of criticism, it would not be amiss, in order to lead the public mind to the proper topics of enquiry, to select a few examples, from many others of the same nature, for their attention. Should any person, when walking in company with one or more ladies, be insulted by an intoxicated voluptuary, it would be highly consistent with decorum for him to shew his valor in uttering many vehement oaths against this offender. Here, perhaps, the timid and unexperienced would say; that this procedure, thoug [sic] every way worthy of a gentleman, would be attended with much danger: for, continue they, instead of intimidating, it might only serve to irritate the drunkard; and then you know there's a possibility of getting completely drubbed. Those that argue thus do not perceive the advantage of what so much alarms them. I speak from fact:—having myself experienced a similar instance. Like a man of true courage and gallantry, after having received a slight blow, I immediately left these fair companions of mine to shift for themselves, and prudently fought my own safety by hiding in a gangway contiguons; which was indeed putting my legs (to be sure they are not the stoutest in the world)