to some tolerable risque; for the place being much lumbered with wood, down tumbles poor me, which greatly disorder my shins, and occasion-ed much blood at the eose: In consequence of the latter deplorable accident, my ruffled shirt and Sunday-waistcoat “were stained with crimson gore,” and totally ruined. It however answered an excellent purpose—recourse was had to a court of justice—marks of violence were discovered and I recovered heavy damages.

If you are going to a dancing assembly when the streets are muddy, be sure to carry a pair of neat shoes in your pocket, and when, with the ladies, in the ball room change your shoes; by this means you not only dance with more elegance, but con-vince everybody present you possess more than one pair; besides the odoriferous scent exhaling from the feet sweetens the air, and it is as a smelling bot-tle unto those who are inclined to fainting. When gentlemen wait upon ladies to or from any place they ought by all means to walk next the houses, particularly where the side walks are so narrow was not to accommodate more than one person, and in dirty weather, when the streets are hardly passable, they are likewise at liberty to leave the ladies to travel on alone, especially if the night be dark.

It is much to be wished that those who, like