myself, are maste of the suavitor in mudo, would adopt a method which I have tried with the approbation of all those to whom it has been related;—The circumstance is this—having obtained per-mission of a young a lady to attend her to an assembly; after we were seated in the coach, instead of going directly there, I gave the coachman or-der’s to drive several miles out of town, in order to have a fair chance of displaying, my many a-greeable qualities, and, if possible, to gain her esteem; for you must know I am an amorous boy of about thirty, and, upon an average, in love with twenty pretty female faces at one time. there is an advantage in dancing well, and singing har-moniously. By my great skill in the former, and exquisite taste in the latter, I have become the object of general admiration; and if what every bo-dy say be true, not one of Mr. H—l—t’s pupils dance as prettily, nor does any scholar of Mr. H—chs—k’s sing psalms so melodious as myself. These are the practices and possessions of one who has spend much of his time at court—is almost uni-versally acquainted with all the polite ladies in this Metropolis, and without exaggeration delclares, that his behavior had so entirely med their appro-bation, as to afford them continual subject for laughter.


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