“No account is yet come in but by the fugi-gives; so that it is not known whether or not Gen. Harmar has continued to advance into the country, though we presume he has, notwithstanding re-ports to the contrary: and we hope he will yet ac-complish his object. The fugitives say our [loss] was seven hundred.”

Extract of a letter rom Fishkill, Dec. 7.

“For several days past the weather has been re-markably cold, considering that have just made our entrance over the threshold of the winter sea-son. The navigation is now completely interrupt-ed as far down as the town of Hudson, and there are about fifty sail of the vessels on the river north-ward bound, with cargoes on board, who at pre-sent have small hopes of reaching their ports till next spring. Should the severe weather continue a few days longer, the importation of flax-feed, will be greatly interrupted from the parts above us. I thought this would be the case in October last, when I heard of the bears and wolves coming down in such numbers to the Catskills mountains, and plundering all before them. “The very brute creation instructeth him, but man taketh not heed.” There are some weather-wife persons