amongst us, who say there will be a compleat thaw before the winter comes on feriously [sic]. For my own part, I have my doubts; at least, I think the thaws for three months to come will be [rincipally confined to the fire-side.”

Tuesday, about 2 o’clock, a fire broke out in the work shop of Mr. Slidle, soap-boiler, Broadway occasioned by the boiling over of a kettle of tur-pentine: but by the activity of the New-York Fire-men, and the alertness of the citizens, it was son extinguished. Uunfortunately [sic], the turpentine fell on a Negro child, and burnt it instantly to death. A son of Mr. Slidles, one of the workmen, and a Negro wench, the mother of the child, were also burnt in a shocking manner; but are likely to re-cover.

We are informed, That last Thursday morning a child, about 3 years old, was found froze to death, supposed to have been left out of doors during the whole of that extreme cold night. Who this lit-tle unfortunate belonged to, we cannot learn.