On Saturday last, as one of the Flushing pas-sage boats, owned by Captain Thomas H. Smith, was returning from this city, Mr. Gilbert Sea-man, of Flushing, fell over-board, a little above Hell-gate, and notwithstanding every endeavour to save him, he was unfortunately drowned.

The sloop [sic] Friendship, Barlow, from Charles-ton for New-York, is lost in Delaware-Bay, the crew and cargo saved.

There are accounts in town, (Boston) said to have been received via, Halifax, that the Duke of Clarence (Prince William Henry) third son of his Britannia Majesty, had lately been killed in a duel, with a Captain of a 74, in the British navy. The Prince commanded a 74 gun ship.


Wednesday, December 8, 1790

The House met pursuant to adjournment. In consequence of a message from the Senate that they were ready to receive the House of Repre-sentatives in their Chamber.

Mr. Speaker attended by the members of the House, about twelve o’clock withdrew to the Senate chamber, for the purpose expressed in the joint resolution of both Houses, passed yesterday—and being returned.

Mr. Speaker laid before the House a copy of the Speech delivered by the President of the United States, to both Houses of Congress, in the Senate Chamber, as follows:

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