borrowing created by the situation of Europe) give a reasonable hope, that the further execution of those powers may proceed with advantage and success. The Secretary of the Treasury, has my direction to communicate such further particulars as may be requisite for more precise information.

Since your last sessions, I have received communications, by which it appears, that the district of Kentucky, at present a part of Virginia, had concurred in certain propositions contained in a law of that State, in consequence of which the district is to become a distinct member of the union, in case the requisite sanction of Congress be added—for this sanction application is now made—I shall cause the papers on this very important transaction to be laid before you. The liberality and harmony with which it has been conducted, will be found to do great honor to both parties; and the sentiments of warm attachment to the union and its present government, expressed by our fellow-citizens of Kentucky, cannot fail to add an affectionate concern for their particular welfare to the great national impressions under which you will decide on the case submitted to you.