These aggravated provocations rendered it essential to the safety of the Western Settlements, that the aggressors should be made sensible, that the government of the Union is not less capable of punishing their crimes, than it is disposed to respect their rights, and reward their attachments. As this object could be effected by defensive measures, it becomes necessary to put in force the act, which empowers the President to call out the militia for the protection of the Frontiers. And I have accordingly authorised [sic] an expedition, in which the regular troops in that quarter are combined with such draughts of militia as were deemed sufficient. The event of the measure is yet unknown to me. The Secretary of War is directed to lay before you a statement of the information on which it is founded, as well as an estimate of the expence [sic] with which it will be attended.

The disturbed situation of Europe, and particularly the critical posture of the great maritime powers whilst it ought to make us more thankful for the general peace and security enjoyed by the United States, reminds us, at the same time of the circumspection with which it becomes us to preserve these blessings. It requires also that we should not overlook the tendency of a war, and even of preparations for a war among the nations most concerned in active commerce with this country, to abridge the means, and thereby at least enhance the price of transporting its valuable productions to their proper markets. I recommend it to your serious reflections how far and in what mode, it may be expedient to guard against embarrassments from these contingencies,