"The instinct of sovereignty in our nature, and the waywardness of instants which is the consequence of it, discover themselves with the least glimmering of understanding; and those children, which are most neglected and the least taught, are always the most stubborn and obstinate; and none are more unruly or fonder of following their own will, than those that are least capable of governing themselves."

I HAVE, in more than one of my speculations, offered remarks much of the same nature with those contained in this number. The subject, in my apprehension of it, is an interesting one. Wherever we turn our eyes, we behold striking demonstrations, that all men are in nature tyrants. It is so universal and instinctive a propensity, as justly to be denominated one of the strongest characteristics of human nature. If I am enquired of, why I endeavor to enforce so evident a truth, I will inform the reader, that it is not so much to fix the doctrine itself, as to deduce some useful inferences.