Man must be made an artificial being before it can be safe living with him. This inculcates the necessity of education. Ignorance is the foundation of most of the political calamities which ever overwhelmed the world. I do not mean that ignorant men have done the mischief. They have only suffered it to be done. Wicked and artful men, which are always to be found in all situations of society, can give scope to their inclinations, where the people are untaught in moral duties and civil privileges. Unless men are ignorant and unenlightened, no monstrous mischief can take place; and in this view, ignorance may be said to be the foundation of all political evil.—There can be no danger of losing liberty where the people have knowledge. A wise community guards itself equally against tyrants and incendiaries; and it likewise guards individuals against the oppressions which they are, by nature, prone to exercise over one another. In such a situation the positive blessings of government are apparent; because civilized, well-informed men are capable of being well-governed. In a worse state of society, men are a greater evil to each other, and therefore they call the government an evil, by way of compliment to themselves.

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