The next small State that was attempted was Georgia.—This State is situated at the southern extremity of all, and at such a distance from all the rest, and such difficulties of communication, being above an hundred miles from Charleston, in South-Carolina, that it was impossible for the neighbouring States to afford them any assistance. The English invaded this little State, and took the Capital, Savanna, and have held it to this day: But this acquisition has not been followed by any submission of the province; on the contrary, they continue their delegates in Congress, and their new officers of government. This province, moreover, was more immediately the child of England than any other; the settlement of it cost England more than all the rest, from whence one might expect they would have more friends here than any where.

New-Jersey is one of the middling-sized States.—New-Jersey had a large British army in Philadelphia, which is on one side of them, and another in New-York, which is the other side, and