But even supposing Rhode-Island should submit, what could this small colony of fifty thousand souls do, in the midst of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New-Hampshire?

Supposing Delaware, thirty thousand souls, should submit, what influence could it have upon the great States of New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, among which it lies?

If Georgia, at the extremity of all, should submit, what influence could this little society of thirty thousand souls have upon the two Carolinas and Virginia? The colonies are at such vast distances from one another, and the country is so fortified every where, by rivers, mountains, and forests, that the conquest or submission of one part has no influence upon the rest.

I have the honor to be, &c. JOHN ADAMS.




The Britons of France, in whose country the city of Nantz lies, appear wisely to be as careful of the rights of the Crown, as they are of the rights of the People; and to be as ready to support the former, as they are determined to maintain the latter.