"That the interest of the people of this country is inseparable from that of their Sovereign, and that they never will be able to shake off the yoke under which they have so long groaned, but by giving the greatest vigour to the executive power, the citizens of Nantz swear upon the Altar of their Country, in the presence of the dreadful and common Judge both of Kings and Subjects, that they will maintain the Royal Authority belonging to the Crown, and will resist, to the utmost of their power, the attempts of those who may be daring enough to wish to divide it with any body of men whatever.

"Full of gratitude to a long line of Kings, who strove to break the chains made for man in ages of barbarism, and to restore him to the dignity of his nature—

"Penetrated with the most profound respect for the virtues of the beneficent Prince who has restored to France her National Assemblies and who feels that the rights of the Crown, and the rights and property of the subject, stand upon one and the fame foundation—the Citizens of Nantz instruct their Representatives to proclaim the re-