spectful homage of their inviolable loyalty and fidelity to the Family upon the Throne, and their love for the Patriot King whom God has given them.

"They raise their hands to Heaven, and thus solemnly swear, that they are ready to sacrifice their fortunes, and to spill even the last drop of their blood, to maintain the scepter in the House of Bourbon.

"In the same manner, they solemnly swear, that they are ready to make the same sacrifices to support the resolutions of your august Assembly, and to defend the liberty of the French Nation, whose greatest enemies have been the enemies of Kings.

"They call for vengeance on the heads of those who are wicked enough to calumniate a loyal nation, and a faithful people.

"The Citizens of Nantz think it a sacred duty to pay homage to the zeal, the understanding, and patriotism of the National Assembly.

"Should attempts be made to lay snares round you, or to stagger you either by terror of menaces, or the seduction of intrigue, look behind you, and you will see twenty-five millions of people, with their eyes fixed upon you, and waiting in silence to hear from you what is to be their lot, and that of their posterity.