"At this sight, your courage rising to the dignity of the august character, no less sacred than that of the priesthood, with which your Country has invested you, you will slight all menaces and seduction in contemplating the majesty of the first People in the Universe.

"You will think then only of the blessings that will attend you when you return individually among your fellow citizens, to proclaim their recovered liberty, and the beneficent acts of a beloved Sovereign, who cannot long be deceived.—

"Who, emulous of the glory of Louis XII, and of his own renowned ancestor Henry IV. and wishing to tread their steps, feels the true greatness of a Monarch is to reign over a free people.

"In a word, who knows that the law, that emanation of Divine Wisdom, ought to be respected by Sovereigns themselves, if they know their own interests."

As the late insurrections in France very naturally occupy all conversation, this short sketch of the Royal Family of that Kingdom may not be unacceptable to the generality of the public:

Louis XVI is now about thirty-three years of age; he ascended the throne of his grand-father about seventeen, and shortly afterwards married a sister of the present Emperor of Germany.