When he was first married, he was thin to degree of particular observation; but being naturally of a mild, quiescent temper, and indulging in the pleasures of the table, he is now, perhaps one of the fattest men in his dominions.

To counteract this in some degree, he rises early, and almost daily takes the diversion of the chace; but ffrom dinner till bed-time indulges, with the intervention of hardly any other business than the signing dispatches, &c.

He has had four children, two of whom are dead. His present family consists of the Dauphin, a child of about six years old, and a princess.

The Queen is nearly about the King's age, has much majesty and vivacity in her port, and is on the whole reckoned one of the finest women in France.

Monsieur, the King's next brother is nearly as fat as the Sovereign, and was in the beginning of the present troubles rather a favorite with the people.

The Count d'Artois, the King's second brother, is a tall, well-moulded, elegant figure, with much vivacity and decision in his character. He rendered himself unpopular in the first meeting of the Notables, and seems to have increased that unpopularity to a degree of proscription.