The Court party has for several years back been ealled the Queen's, aided by the Count d'Artois: these two were said to have the most prevailing influence on the King in all his measures.

SEPTEMBER 3. It excites our wonder when we consider that among two uncles and three Royal Brothers, there is not one of them whose prudence or economy circumscribes his expences within his Princely income: The world seems at present to be in a very ticklish humour.—They should contemplate seriously on the uncertainty of human events, from the examples at present before them in France, and view with trembling eyes the immense debt this Kingdom groans under:—To feed the hypocondriac, and not at all to check the high spirit of unthinking Demigods.

Letter from the Ministers appointed by the King, to M. le Chapelliere President of the National Assembly.

"Sir,—Called by the King to his Council, we are anxious to disclose our sentiments to the National Assembly.

"The marks of attention with which we have been honored from the happy moment of our union, and, above all, our fidelity to the principles of the National Assembly, and our respectful confidence in them, are motives the most sure of giving us courage.

"We cannot for a moment forget, that in order to fulfil truly the intentions of the King