"The feat of the present disturbances answers now as a rendezvous for European adventures--therefore, the monarch will be never at a loss for white chieftains of some denomination. They have lately unshed in a new Principal at the head of their renowned tribe of horse, by birth an Irishman--a substitute for one Thompson, an Englishman, who once headed this detachment, and we believe not undeservedly the the favorite of the rising genius, except in the case of being suspected of an atrocious crime, that of adultery with one of their squws of the first consequence, which reduced him to the necessity of decamping and leaving his property, or else lose his life. The present is a man further advanced in years, has been much longer in the country and of good military talents. Different accounts confirm him a perfect tyrant, unwed by compassion, continually embruing his hands in the blood of the innocent, for the ill-gotten plunder."

HALIFAX, OCTOBER 13. We are desired by Authority to publish for the information of Matters of Vessels coming into this harbor, that the Block-house on the Citadel-Hill, which was a conspicuous object, is now removed, on account of its ruinous condition. The flag and signal Staff still remains, and may be seen from Sea as usual. The Hulk also of the large ship sometime since stranded, at the back of Thrum Cape, was beat to pieces in the late storm. NEWBUY-PORT OCTOBER 21. In the course of a few days THE ILLUSTRIOUS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is expected to visit this town; the inhabitants of which will undoubtedly feel the most exquisite pleasure from such an event, and testify the fame by shewing their DELIVERER every mark of respect in their power.