BOSTON, OCTOBER 20. As it must eventually tend to promote the happiness and glory of the King, and the freedom and felicity of the nation, we cannot but with, as the first operations of the National Assembly of France have been marked with the same features--that the French Nation may be as happy in establishing a Constitution as their allies tho United States of America have been, who now enjoy the compete operation of a system of government which has astonished Europe--drawn from its most celebrated Civilians the highest encomiums, and is calculated to promote not only the happiness, honor, and glory of the Union--but essentially to promote the Rights of Mankind. The Hall of the elegant edifice known by the name of Faneuil-Hall--was previous to the war, ornamented with the port its of several dignified personages which were either destroyed or taken away by the British, in the time of the siege;--one of them was the full length of GEORGE II, King of Great Britain, which was placed before the middle window at the west end of the Hall.

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