Would it not be a lively and expressive testimonial of our regard and veneration for the illustrious personage, who is momently expected to honor this town with his presence--for the town to request their committee to prepare an address, to express a desire that the President of the United States, would be pleased to permit our ingenious townsman and respected portrait painter (Mr. Johnson) to wait on him for the purpose of taking an exact and full length portrait to be put in the same place where the portrait of the King of Great Britain formerly was; which would add a rich brilliancy to the Hall, and give pleasure to every real friend of America. OF THE PRESIDENT. OCT. 21. Preparations are making at Marlborough, for lodging THE PRESIDENT, and the escort which will attend him, on Friday next, so that he may be expected in this town on Saturday. His Excellency the Governor, we are informed, has dispatched an express to meet THE PRESIDENT of the United States, in order to know on what road he will travel, and when he will arrive in this town, that those preparations may be made to receive him, which the honor and dignity of the State require.