Extract of a letter from Paris

  “THE capture of three French merchantships by the Algerians under different pretexts, has produced great sensation in the seaports of this country. The scarcity of bread begins to lessen in the southern parts of France, where the harvest is commenced: Here it is still threatning [sic], because we have yet two or three weeks to the beginning of harvest.
  “The reunion of the orders took place on the 27th June. Within the Assembly matters went on well; but it was soon observed that troops, and particularly the foreign troops, were on their march towards Paris from various quarters, and that this was against the opinion of Mr. NECKAR. The Marshal de Broglio was appointed to command all the troops within the Isle of France. —Some of the French guards were soon arrested under other pretexts, but in reality on account of their dispositions in favor of the national cause. The people of Paris forced the prison, released them, and sent a deputation to the States General to solicit a pardon. The States by a most moderate and prudent arrete [sic] recommended these prisoners to the King, and peace to the people of Paris. Addresses came in to them from several of the great cities, expressing sincere allegiance to the King; but a determined resolution to support the States General.
  “On the 38th of July they voted an address to the King to remove the troops. This piece of