The engrossed bill to explain and amend the Coasting Act, was read a third time and passed the House.
  The engrossed bill making appropriations for the services of the present year, was read and recommitted.
  Mr. GERRY, of the committee appointed to prepare an estimate of the produce of the Impost and Tonnage for one year, brought in a report—It states that from the imperfection of the returns of the imports, exports and tonnage, received from the several States, the committee was not able to furnish a perfectly accurate account.—The report estimates the nett [sic] produce of impost and tonnage of the several States, as follows—

Dollars. Cents.

New-Hampshire, 21, 491–83

Massachusetts, 199,261–4 1/2

Connecticut, 72,450–17

New-York, 245,316–96

New-Jersey, 10,514–44

Pennsylvania, 361,405–23 1/2

Delaware, 5,654–94

Maryland, 211,539–83

Virginia, 186,470–33 1/2

South Carolina, 144,839–83

Georgia, 8,141–42