manner, as to make them most useful to that society to which they belong; and to shape their talents in such a way as will render them most serviceable to the support of that government under which they were born, and upon the strength and vigor of which, the well-being of every individual must in some measure depend. If neither of these points are provided for in our system, I cannot see how we are to expect good men or good subjects. Nay the contrary must in general be the consequence; for the mind of man being active will necessarily find itself employment. If our youth are not trained up in the right way, they will probably go wrong; if they are not taught to do good, they will be likely to commit evil.

   In the Pennsylvania Gazette of the 22d of October, there is a receipt for making sugar from the sap of the maple tree, from whence I conclude it is deemed a matter of some importance, both to the country ad those who have a great many of those trees on their land.    I therefore think it would be adviseable for two or three people in a neighbourhood, where there is a sufficient number of trees, to engage a person who understands boiling sugar, to boil a season for them.    He should be under obligation to instruct his employers, or such persons as they should think proper, how