• Some liquor should be left in the large kettle, if an iron one, otherwise there would be danger of its splitting upon putting in cold liquor. + Dip a stick into the liquor, apply the thumb to it, and take part of what adheres to the stick, then draw it two or three times between the thumb and finger.

ANECDOTE of RICHARD III. From the Northern Tour of the Rev'd W. GILPIN. IN the town of Leicester, the home is still shown where Richard passed the night before the battle of Bosworth; and there is a story of him, still preserved in the Corporation Records, which illustrates the caution and darkness of that Prince's character. It was his custom to carry among the baggage of his camp, a cumbersome wooden bed, which he pretended was the only bed he could sleep on. Here he contrived a secret receptacle for his reassure, which lay concealed under a weight of timber. After the fatal day on which Richard fell, the Earl of Richmond entered Leicester with his victorious troops--the friends of Richard were pillaged; but the bed was neglected by every plunderer, as useless lumber. The owner of the house afterwards discovering the hoard, became suddenly rich, without any visible cause. He bought lands, and at length arrived at the dignity of being Mayor of Leicester. Many years afterwards his widow, who had been left in great affluence, was murdered for her wealth by a servant maid, who had been privy to the affair; and at the trial of this woman and her accomplices, the whole transaction came to light.