The demolition of the Bastile is going on, and the milice Bourgeoise organizing and training;—The ancient police of the city is abolished by the authority of the people. —They believe still that 3000 people have fallen victims to the tumults of Paris. —We cannot find with certainty that anybody has been killed but the three before mentioned, and those who fell in the assault of defence of the Bastile. How many of the garrison were killed no body pretends to have ever hear:— Of the assailants, accounts vary from 6 to 600—the most general belief is, that there fell about thirty. There have been many reports of instantaneous executions by the mob, on such of their body as they caught in acts of theft or robbery: Some of these may perhaps be true:—There was a severity of honesty observed of which no example has been known: Bags of money offered on various occasions, through fear or guilt have been uniformly refused by the mobs.—The churches are now occupied in singing ''De Proundis' and Requiems for the repose of the fouls of the brave and "valiant citizens who have sealed with their blood the "liberty of the nation." M. de MONTMORIN is this day (19th.) replaced in the department of Foreign Affairs, M. de St. PRIEST is named to the Home Department. (21ft.) M. NECKAR had left Brusslels for Frankfort before the Courier got there—We expect, however, to hear of him in a day of two. M. le Comte de la LUZERNE has resumed the department of the Marine this day.