(23d.) The spirit of tumult seemed to have subsided, when yesterday it was excited again by a particular incident : M. Foulon, one of the obnoxious ministry, who, as well as his brethren had absconded, was taken in the country, and as is said by his own tenants, and brought to Paris. Great efforts were exerted by popular characters to save him : He was at length forced out of the hands of the garde [guard] Bourgeoise, hung immediately, his head cut off, his body drawn through the principle streets of the city. The Intendant of Paris, M. de CHAUVIGNY, accused of having entered into the designs of the same ministry, has been taken at Compeigne, and a body of 200 men on horseback are gone for him. I just now learn that BERTIER DE CHAUGIVNY was brought to town in the night, and massacred immediately."