PARIS, JULY 30. In the storming of the Bastile, the Governor, the door-keeper, with two or three others, were massacred. Mr. Foullon, Intendant, has been kept three days, with no other food but HAY before him, and afterwards was hanged by the populace at one of the cords which suspend the reverbees (lights) in the streets. The particularity of the HAY put before Mr. Foullon, comes from an answer he made a few days since : Being told the people had no bread, he replied, "Let them eat hay." He is the same who proposed to emit 100 millions, tournois, in paper money. The Lientenant de police, of Paris has hanged ; as well as Madame de Polignac's [the Queen's favorite] chamber maid. The Comte d' Artois, M. de Polignac, and hundreds more have fled. All the country is in arms, and the people have broken open all the arsenals in the kingdom. We are here under military duty, wearing the cockade of the Union, white, rose, and blue. Unwilling to suffer any troops in the town, we have done more, we have fired from the settees upon a small vessel bringing some artificers : We will not suffer any soldiers. The National Assembly received a long letter in English yesterday, from that mad bigot, LORD GEORGE GORDON.