M. Neckar arrived at Versailles on Tuesday evening last, and this morning he came to the Hotel de Ville, where he was received with every mark of joy and satisfaction. He was escorted from the bridge at Save by a large party of horse of the Paris militia, who also returned with him to the fame place. On Tuesday last the Marquis de la Fayette performed the ceremony of incorporating the French Guards, under the appellation of Gardes de la Nation, by which they henceforward to be distinguished. LONDON, JULY 81. <enlarged text> The spirited proceedings of the States General and the Parisians, had their effect. The Ministers and advisers of the King trembled in the palace. From Banjancon we learn, that on the news of M. NECKR'S recal, the inhabitants of that large town, the feat of a parliament, agreed to testify their joy by a public feast; when when M. DE MESME, a Counsellor is the Parliament, offered his country feat, near Vafon, for that purpose. About forty of fifty of the principal citizens assembled there; and, in the midst of the festivity of the day, they were all blown up into the air, by means of feveral barrels gunpowder, which had heen previously placed in the apartment under the saloon, for the above horrid purpose. The explosion was head for several miles distant from the tragical scene, and they were all either killed or shockingly bruised. In the mean time, the master of the house has disappeared, and the enraged populace flocked to the spot, and leveled the house to the ground, as well as many country seats belonging to his friends or relations. The National Assembly immediately addressed the King to give directions to the Ambassadors at the feveral Courts, to get him delivered up in whatever country he might take refuge, in order that he might be conveyed to Paris, to receive the punishment due to his enormous crime.