"SIR, "It is with peculiar satisfaction I am able to inform you, that Denmark, will in no wise be interested in the present war, and her neutrality is absolutely admited, so that her flag will enjoy the same advantages as in times of profound peace.-- I beg you will cause this information to be made public throughout the country in which you reside, for the purpose of removing doubts which might make the navigators of our own nation, and all her merchants and underwriters in general, afraid to have any concern in ventures under our flag. I am, &c.


Tippo Sultan continues to augment and discipline his forces. This restless Prince is preparing a storm, which will soon burst on the Carnatic. The dissention which has for a long time subsisted between Lord Cornwallis and Sir Archibald Campbell, is the cause that the latter resigned a situation which he could not honorably hold consistent with his own feelings. The officers of the East India ships, in general, who have lately arrived from Bengal, complained that the trade there is entirely ruined. The articles of merchandise which formerly fetched eighty and a hundred per cent. they were glad to dispose of at five and twenty per cent. under prime cost. This, they say, is occasioned by the heavy taxes which the Governor Generall has imposed upon shops, and upon every species of merchandise; and still more by the vexatious severity with which those taxes are exacted. The English merchants, harrassed and disgusted with those proceedings, are selling off their goods, and shutting up their shops as fast as possible. At the Sales in Bengal, articles of English manufactories are now sold 50 per. cent. cheaper than in Britain. He has also thought fit to enforce even among the Hindoos, a judicial observation of the Sabbath day; in consequence of which the indolent natives have added their numerous holidays another of idleness.