NEW-YORK, SEPTEMBER 26, 1789. PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. The bill to recognize and adapt to the Constitution of the United States, the establishment of the troops on the frontiers, was brought in, engrossed and passed. The appropriation bill was taken up in the committee of the whole, amended, and agreed to by the house. Ordered, that it engrossed, and 100 copies of the estimates, on which the bill is founded, be printed for the use of the Members. Mr. BLAND presented a bill to amend and explain the coasting act, which was read a first and and second time. The bill for altering the time of the annual meeting of Congress was revised in the committee of the whole; the first Monday in January was agreed to. This amendment was admitted by the House after the committee rose, and the bill ordered to be engrossed. A message from the President, with the salary bill. for the Judicial Department, was received, with his approbation and signature. The House then went into a committee on the bill for regulating processes in the courts of the United States. After going through the same, adjourned.