1,467,086 -- 3 Amount of nett produce of impost and tonnage. -- Laid on the table.

The report of the committee of conference on the subject of amendments to the Constitution was taken up: The committee advise to a concurrence in the amendments of the Senate, with some amendments. -- One of which was, '"The trial of all crimes shall be by a jury of the district in which the crime was committed"' -- this was further amended by inserting the words State and immediately before "'district'." On the question for agreeing to the clause as amended, the Ayes and Noes were called for by Mr. Bland, and are as follow.

AYES. 'Messrs.' Ames, Baldwin, Benson, Boudinot, Brown, Cadwallader, Carroll, Clymer, Contee, Fitzsimons, Foster, Gale, Gilman, Goodhue, Griffin, Hartley, Lee, Leonard, Madison, Moore, P. Muhlenberg, Parker, Partridge, Schureman, Scott, Seney, Sherman, Sylvester, Sinnickson, Smith, (M.) Smith, (S. C.) Stone, Thatcher, Trumbull, Vining, White Wynkoop. 37.

NOES. 'Messrs.' Bland, Burke, Coles, Floyd, Gerry, Grout, Hathorn, Jackson, Livermore, Matthews, Page, Van Ransellaer, Sumpter, Tucker. 14.

The House voted to reconsider the first article in their amendments, so far as to strike out the word "'less'" and insert the word 'more'-- so that the article now reads, "there shall not be 'more' than one representative for every 50,000 persons. These amendments being agreed to --