ried. The committee then rose, and the chairman reported the bill, which it was ordered should lie on the table. A message was received from the President of the United States, with the bill for allowing compensation to the President and Vice President, to which he has been pleased to affix his approbation and signature. A message was received from the Senate informing the House, that the President has returned to the Senate the Judiciary Act, and the Resolve for the safe keeping of prisoners in the goals of the several States, both of which has received his approbation and signature. In committee of the whole, on the bill for making provision for the Invalid Pensioners of the United States—The committee having considered the same, rose, and the bill was recommitted. In committee of the whole, on the bull for regulating processes in the Judicial Courts. This bill proposes that writs and processes shall issue in the name of the President of the United States. Mr. STONE moved, that "the President of" should be struck out. —This was carried in the affirmative. A clause was proposed for insertion, by which debtors should be enabled to avail themselves of the insolvent acts extant in the respective States. —This was negatived by a large majority. —The adoption of the clause was urged by Mr. BURKE, and Mr. JACKSON, from the peculiar situation of persons indebted to British and other foreign merchants.