Dear Mama

I am almost angry with you for saying you grndge putting me to an expense for your letters as you have not any [new?] to tell me. I am sure you do not know how much pleasure they give me [+] how much I think myself obliged to you for indulging me with them, or you would not do me such an injustice you were mistaken in supposing I only meant to caution you against evening expeditions, I wish you to be careful at all times I am too much delighted at hearing you contrince tolerably well during this severe season not to be anxious for your [?] so I have received a very kind note from Mis Olivia Young in which all [?] differences seem to be entirely forgotten, and I believe the reconciliation has better affected by writing than it would have been by a personal intervion. The weather has been almost without variation since I came here, very cold, & the ground