to preserve among my friends — those who have but a slight acquaintance with either of them know not the hundredth part of their good qualities — W. Gregory's country home is a small agreeable retired place about eleven miles from town — he is not with us above half the week — the rest he is obliged to pass in the city. We are just returned from a short excursion to [Tunbridge] after taking a view of all the house's antiquities & curiosities worth seeing in the way — We paid a visit to the ruins of an old castle the solemnity of which was greatly heightened by an Eolian Harp advantageously situated — the effect was admirably well imagined — I went about a fortnight ago to see the Hospital at Greenwich — you know I am by nature a patriot & cannot divest myself of national partiality; but you will hardly imagine how I swelled with importance and satisfaction in beholding that noble building,

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