May 3, 1785

My Dear Mama

I took the very first opportunity after I received your letter of the 19th of February, of writing to Mr Hoare. I told him you were under some apprehension that one of your bills might have been protested from the remissness of your agent in gathering your income & paying it into Mr Hoare's hands as soon as it became due & as this very disagreeable circumstance was likely to happen while you were absent from England & consequently obliged to leave your affairs to the care of an attorney you requested the favor of him to answer your bills tho he might not have any money of your's in his hands & upon applying to me the money should be immediately reimbursed. Mr Hoare wrote me an answer in which he regreted not being able to comply with your request it being contrary to their & every other banker's mode of business to answer bills to a greater amount than the effects left in their hands. When I had written to Mr Hoare I went to Mr Budd & mentioned your apprehensions & likewise your surprize at not having heard from him but did not say any thing concerning my application to Mr Hoare, as he might have thought it argued some distrust not to leave the affair entirely to him. He assured me he had taken so much care that it was impossible you should incur the inconvenience you apprehended for he had told Mr Hoare that he himself would answer any sums Mr Graham might draw for — he shewed me three bills of Mr Graham's to the value of two hundred & fifty pounds which he had answered, & told me there