travelling is attended with no small expence. I have been lately seized with as violent a political fit as I experienced at the general election — our grand object a parliamentary [inserted: reform] has been proposed by the minister to the house of commons, & I am sorry to add, rejected by a majority of seventy four. Mr Pitt made an excellent speech on the occasion & in my opinion his plan [strikeout] seemed calculated to obviate every objection — he proposed the establishment of a fund for purchasing the franchises of decayed boroughs at the pleasure of their proprietors, & that hte fund should be continued, so that if any boroughs now populous should at any future time become deserted they might part with their right of electing members on the same terms, & the number of members that were thus curtailed to be added to the counties — he likewise proposed that the right of voting should be extended to proprietors of copy holds — But it was evident than tho' a plan of the Minister's it was not seconded by ministerial influence & consequently [inserted: proved] ineffectual. I lately received a letter from Miss Fraser who enquires after you [inserted: very] kindly & begs that I will not omit her own & her uncle's best remembrances to you when I write. My uncle Wanley is now with us & charges me never to neglect sending his kind love in which my aunt & the rest of the family sincerely join & with my very best comp to Mr Graham I am Dear Mama your very affectionate Daughter C.S. Macaulay I expect Mr Gregorie & Miss Fraser in London very soon in their way to Scotland.