is on account of the warm Bath. Excuse me my Dear Mamma for warming you against using them to excess. Remember you have not the constitution of Mat Robinson. In moderation they may be good for your complaints but they are certainly relaxing and you must surely be already greatly weakened by the trials you have undergone. The most time you write to W. Rudd or myself if you have not done it already. You had better send a certificate <text loss> due [illegible] Michaelmas. We are now at Bath where we have spent near two months. If you ever receive the last letters I wrote to America you will find a regular account of our proceedings during the Summer. They are not of importance enough to deserve a repetition here. Our Newspapers with their usual inaccuracy have inserted a paragraph informing the public that my Uncle Sawbridge lay at the point of Death at his house in town. My Uncle Wanley wrote immediately to my Aunt to say that his Brother had been perfectly well and was just gone to place his oldest son at the Academy at Caen in Normandy. He added that when I wrote to you I had better mention it, lest an English paper might fall in your way and occasion you an uneasiness, which as so great a distance, it would require a considerable time to remove. I am sure if any one of us has found my Uncle's letter without name, we should, by this single instance of attention to the happenings of his friends, have known the writer. We shall return to town in less than a week, where I hope, before this can reach you, to be made happy