my dearest mamma is sometimes apt to carry a favorite pursuit too far — from denying yourself the indulgences of superfluity you will I fear proceed to deprive yourself of comforts — such an excess of frugality it can never be necessary or right for you to adopt, & do for God's sake consider that your life & health are of more consequence to the interest & happiness of those who love you than any other consideration whatever. I am well acquainted with Mr Graham's kind & constant attention to your care & satisfaction. I most heartily thank him for it & if it will afford him any pleasure he may be assured that the whole of his behavior has long engaged my sincere regard and esteem. I believe it was [strikethrough] in one of those letters which you never received that I informed you Mr Gregorie & Miss Fraser were in town in the spring & that I saw her married to one of his sons who is in partnership with him at Dunkirk — it gave me great pleasure as it [struck: will in all probability] promises to make the remainder of Mr Gregorie's life happy for they continue to live with him & no father can love