might be informed of what he desired [inserted: to know] as soon as possible — he wa not up when the servants left the note & I have not heard from him since but shall take an opportunity of calling upon him myself very soon. I was sorry to find you intend paying a visit to Dunkirk before your return, tho my reason for being so is so very selfish a one that I am almost ashamed to say unless you promise yourself much satisfaction from it I should think myself extremely obliged you for declining it — the fact is that I have repeatedly received the most pressing invitations to pass some [struck: there] time there which as I have a great dislike to the journey I have hitherto declaimed — I excused myself from accompanying them this last time by alledging that I expected you soon in England; but if you go there I am sure they will press me to meet you & I think I cannot without offending them refuse to comply — this as it would not in the least accelerate my seeing you, for I hope you will pass that time in England you would otherwise spend at Dunkirk, I wish [insert: to] avoid. If you acquiesce I will take care to apologize for you in the most obliging manner for